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Back in 2017, Christina was fresh out of her Textiles degree and recognised the gap in the market for dark interiors and nordic design in the North East. An aesthetic which is much more associated with bigger cities such as London and Leeds, but was severely lacking in the area, from here the Lillian Daph Store was born. Named after Lillian, the crazy Cocker Spaniel, and Daphne, the loving Golden Labrador- the focus is on unique, artisan pieces and cool Scandinavian design. Working as a hairdresser in a previous life, her passion is client experience and customer service.

In 2019, Christie had begun her Interior Design degree after a lifelong love of all things design and approached Christina about a Saturday girl job (on a Tuesday). People often asked for help styling their pieces or for inspiration to bring their designs to life, so they researched competitors and similar design services, but as a relatively new business and amateur designer, the timing wasn't right. Cut to 3 years later, with her degree completed and a Masters in Design & Construction under her belt, Christie had gained design experience and approached Christina about making their ideas a reality, and the rest, as they say, is history! With her background of creating educational spaces which excite and entice Primary School children, Christie's career stems from an interest in the psychology of design and the way that a space works to improve mental health and wellbeing.

Now in its first year of trading, there are already several exciting projects underway with BIG plans going forward- so watch this space...